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Suportx™ Stoma Shield Belt has been designed and developed using customer feedback in conjunction with stoma care nurses.

Suportx Stoma Shield Belt is ideally suited for people who may experience difficulty using normal support belts.

Stoma Shield is constructed from a light and durable ABS plastic, this offers protection for the user to allow them to carry on with their day to day life with confidence.

The Suportx™ Shield belt with Stoma Shield comes together in a pack for your convenience, the Velcro attachment securely holds the shield in place within the support belt ensuring the shield does not move out of place.

The Suportx™ Shield Belt is made from the same soft and durable four way stretch Lycra fabric as our Easy Peel belt. It also uses the same fastening to allow the user to adjust the belt with ease!

Key Features

• Allows the stoma to function in its entirety
• Protection whenparticipating in physical activities
• Assists with thecontainment of prolapsed stomas
• Allows the user towear trouser belts with a stoma
• Minimises risk ofinjury to the stoma
• Compatible withboth one piece and two piece stoma bags

More Benefits

Suportx shield belt assists in easing:

• Pressure on the stoma site reducing discomfort
• Pressure on the stoma bag stopping leaking at the seal or hindering the function of the stoma.
• Discomfort whilst wearing a belt with a prolapsed stoma

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