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New for 2016 - Easy Panel Belt


Our parastomal hernia compression and support belts are designed to provide all over support for users with a parastomal bulge as a result of a stoma. The belts are designed as regular belts and are comfortable and discreet to use. We know that the quality of life of the user can be significantly enhanced by making sure that the pouch is held firmly in place, making it as pleasant as possible to wear, and secure during physical activity. Using our range of products for parastomal hernia prevention and management, users will feel comfortable and relieved at the same time. 

Key Features

Compression belt specially designed to support a parastomal hernia as a result of a stoma 

  • The Corsinel belt is developed with a stabilizing front, which supports the area around the stoma and hernia. 
  • The belt has 4-way stretch offering controlled compression, hereby preventing development of hernia
  • The uniquely designed front panel offers the opportunity to cut a hole to fit the individual stoma pouch,  while containing the controlled compression of the stoma/hernia.
  • The seamless belt conforms to the body contour, providing optimal comfort and freedom of movement.
  • The Silicone Anti-Roll pattern prevents the Corsinel belt from rolling. There is no difference between up and down. 
  • The belt has easy-to-apply pocket, and is made of air and moisture-permeable material.
  • Washable
  • Does not contain latex
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